Saturday, September 17, 2011

Part I: If .. No Fly Zone over Burma/Myanmar (in Burmese/English bi-lingual presentation)

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What if .. Burma has been imposed for NO FLY ZONE to protect innocent civilians ...

Burma Air Force Bases

Ela (Naypyitaw alias Kyut-Pyay) air base
Hmawbi air base (located north of Rangoon)
Homalin air base (known as inland MEZAR, a place where under-privileged airmen were deported.)
[MEZAR, a Burmese word, means an isolated/deserted place.]
Magwe (Magway) air base (overlooking the Burma Defense Industries in Central Burma)
Mingaladon (Rangoon) air base

Meiktila/Shante air base (grown to the national HQ)

Myitkyina air base (covering Kachin and Chin ethnic provinces)

Myeik air base (known among the air force as Sea-MEZAR where under-privilege airmen have been assigned at this isolated site).
[MEZAR, a Burmese word, means an isolated/deserted place.]
Namsang air base in Shan State (a growing pilot training ground)

Bassein air base (watching over the southern sea for imaginary US naval assault )
Tadar-U airbase (a new airport replacing the existing Mandalay airport)

Taungoo (Ketumadi) air base (air support over Karenni, Karen and Mon ethnic lands along Thai border)

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